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Artigos Terapia Espelho

ALTSCHULER,1999 Rehabilitation of hemiparesis after stroke with a mirror

BRODIE,2003 Increased motor control of a phantom leg in humans results from the visual feedback of a virtual leg

BRODIE,2007 Analgesia through the looking glass - a randomized controlled trial investigating the effect of viewing a virtual limb upon phantom limb pain, sensation and movement

BUCCINO,2006 Functions of the mirror neuron system - implications for neurorehabilitation

CACCHIO,2009 Mirror therapy in CRPS 1 of the upper limb in stroke patients

CHAN,2007 Mirror therapy for phantom limb pain

DARNAL,2008 Self-delivered home based mirror therapy for lower limb phantom pain

DOHLE,2008 Mirror therapy promotes recovey from severe hemiparesis

ENG,2007 Interactive visuo-motor therapy system for stroke rehabiliation

FUNASE,2007 Increased corticospinal excitability during diret observaion of self-movement and indirect observation with a mirror box

GARRY,2005 Mirror, mirror on the wall viewing a mirror reflection of unilateral hand movements facilitatesw ipsilateral M1 excitability

GIRAUX,2003 Illusory movements of the paralyzed limb restore motor cortex activity

HUNTER,2003 The effect of tactile and visual sensory inputs on phantom limb awareness

KARMARKAR,2006 Mirror box therapy for CRPS

MATTHYS,2009 Mirror induced visual illusion of hand movements

McCABE,2003 A controlled pilot study of the utility of mirror visual feedback in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome (type 1)

MERCIER,2009 Training with virtual visual feedbak to alleviate phantom limb pain

MOSELEY,2007 Using visual illusion to reduce at-level neuropathic pain in paraplegia

MOSELEY,2008 Is mirror therapy all it is cracked up to be - Current evidence and future directions

MOSELEY,2009 The effect of tactile discrimination training is enhanced when patients watch the reflected image of their unaffected limb during training

MURRAY,2006 Immersive virtual reality as a rehabilitative technology for phantom limb experience

OUJAMAA,2009 Rehabilitation of arm function after stroke. Literature review

POMEROY,2005 The potential for utilizing the mirror neurone system to enhance recovery of the severely affected upper limb early after stroke

RAMACHANDRAM,1995 Touching the phantom limbs

RAMACHANDRAN,1999 Can mirrors alleviate visual hemineglect

RAMACHANDRAN,2005 Plasticity and functional recovery in neurology

RAMACHANDRAN,2009 The use of visual feedback, in particular mirror visual feedback, in restoring brain function

SATHIAN,2000 Doing it with mirrors - a case study of a novel approach to neurorehabilitation

SEIDEL,2009 Spiegeltherapie bei phantomschmerzen

SELLES,2008 Mirror therapy in patients with causalgia (complex regional pain syndrome type II) following peripheral nerve injury - two cases.pdf

SUMITANI,2008 Mirror visual feedback alleviates deafferentation pain, depending on qualitative aspects of the pain

SUTBEYAZ,2007 Mirror therapy enhances lower-extremity motor recovery and motor functioning after stroke

TICHELAAR,2007 Mirror box therapy added to cognitive behavioural therapy in 3 chronic CRPS 1

TOMINAGA,2009 A mirror reflection of a hand modulates

TSAO,2007 A randomized sham-controlled trial of mirror therapy for lower limb phantom pain demonstrates efficacy of mirror therapy

YAVUZER,2008 Mirror therapy improves hand function in subactue stroke

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