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Neurodinâmica Clínica

Dan Pilderwasser e Marcelo Viana são os primeiros professores brasileiros autorizados por Michael Shacklock a ministrarem o curso no Brasil!

Fizeram a revisão científica do livro "Neurodinâmica Clínica" que foi traduzido para o portugues.

Blame it on Rio - NDS and Elsevier launch Book Translation in Brazil

NDS and Elsevier launched a Portuguese translation of Clinical Neurodynamics in Brazil on October 06. Congratulations to Dan Pilderwasser and Marcelo Viana! They miraculously did the technical translation for Michael Shacklock's book (120,000 words) in several months, specifically to launch the book at the Inaugural CIRNE Conference held in Rio de Janeiro.

This was an especially big achievement since the world cup football was on at the time of the translation and everyone knows that Brazil stops when the world game is played.

NDS also held a four-day course to coincide with the conference which was a big success, considering the conference was the first of its kind in Brazil. Michael spoke about his new clinical neurodynamics system at the conference and signed books as purchasers sought to get their books autographed.

Marcelo Viana and Dan Pilderwasser are NDS instructors for the Brazil division of NDS.

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